Customer relationships matter.

7 out of 10 consumers will spend more to do business with a company they enjoy dealing with

AXP 2017 Customer Service Barometer

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Customers who feel engaged and connected to your business are…


more likely to

purchase products & services



more likely to

become lifelong customers



more likely to

recommend to friends


Source: 2017 Gartner Customer Exp. Survey

There’s one key reason consumers choose small business…

Better customer relationships.

We know that consumers choose to deal with small business (even if they’re paying more) because they prefer the customer focus, service, and connection.

That’s why we build software that helps small businesses deliver that – better than ever.

Top Consumer Reasons for Choosing Small Business

Customer service, customer focused 86%
Personal, intimate, human 84%
Knows customers and their needs 84%
Easy, enjoyable to do business with 84%
Reliable, consistent 82%
Owner-operated 81%

Source: 2014 Consumer & Small Business Perception Survey

Did you know?

23% of small business work hours are spent manually inputting data

Source: 2017 Connected Small Business Report

When asked about customer experience, 40% of consumers listed speedy responses as their TOP priority

Source: American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer

65% of small businesses adopt CRM within their first five years

Source: 2015 Capterra

Your small business needs to do more than just sell…

Feeling unappreciated is the #1 reason customers switch away from products and services


The probability of selling to an existing customer is 50% higher than a new prospect

Source: AMEX 2017

So when we say CRM, we really mean:

Customer Relationships Matter.

Everything we do is designed to help small business have better customer relationships.

Those deeper customer relationships allow you to deliver more value – automatically and authentically increasing sales.


Get Organized.

Everything in one place.
Contacts, deals, documents, calls, notes, to-do lists… everything you need to run your business all together in a secure cloud-based space all your own – that you can access from anywhere!

Track everything.
Emails, calls, meetings… track everything. Get an instant “birds-eye-view” on a single, searchable timeline.

Keep using the tools you already love.
FreeAgent CRM is integration friendly so you can use the tools you need. If they’re working for you, they’ll work with us too!

Get Automated.

Be instantly 10x more productive.
With your own Automated Actions that are SO easy to create. By automating tasks you used to do manually, you can save 20 hours per week.

Speed-up your follow-up.
Make customers happy when you follow up on time, every time with reminder notifications, and Next Steps.

Market like a pro.
Represent your growing brand with perfectly-timed professional emails, automatically personalized with your customer’s information – so they feel catered to, not marketed to.


Get Relaxed.

Experience the easiest-to-use CRM.
Enjoy your workday with a platform designed to be visually stunning and beautifully simple.

All the support you need.
Our team is your team! Relax with the highest-rated team of customer care and dedicated product specialists, dedicated to your success.

Get up and running immediately. No setup fees, no outside consultants, no funny business.

Your mission is our motivation

We love to be a small part of our customer’s success stories.

Track Everything

Get an instant “birds-eye-view” on a single, searchable timeline.

Customize Everything

Tailor your sales stages, create custom forms, and even rename your main tabs.

Visually Stunning Calendars

See everything coming with your automatically populated calendar.

Beautiful Email Templates

Market like a pro with personalized email templates that represent your brand.

Are you a Free Agent?

/frē ˈājənt/:

a person not restricted in their actions by an organization;
an independent entity who can do whatever they want

Our team is comprised of a talented group of individuals from all over the world, who all believe in a common goal: helping small business get bigger. We are enterprise software executives turned growth-hacking (buzzword-using) start-up founders. We are mission-makers, dream-believers, and team players. We are tech innovators, problem solvers, small business activists, customer advocates, change-makers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and helpers. We are Free Agents.

We Love Our Customers

  • The overall attention we received throughout our shopping for CRM's made FreeAgent the obvious choice. The interface is attractive, easy to use, and the incredible support team provides help to import all of the customers, leads, and contact information. Adding and editing contact info is easy, and linking business email addresses and phone numbers takes seconds, so the functionality to make calls and targeted emails within the CRM itself is a great tool.

    Cristopher INFINIT Nutrition
  • Customer support & initial training was very good, individualized, patient, and responsive, even before I had committed to purchase. Perfectly adequate, user-friendly starter CRM software with excellent training/support for very small businesses.

    Tom LabShare Partners, LLC
  • Great setup team! The support team loaded all of my client data and used that to help me customize settings and fields to my needs.

    David Outreach Medicare
  • Perfect solution for me. Wonderful to work with. Easy to use, can sync my email and phone, keeps track of customers, activity, pipeline and next steps. It is a great solution and very inexpensive.

    Rich Sales Consultant
  • The most amazing part of this software for us has been the customer service. The FreeAgent team has helped us customize our product to create a format where we can highly specialize our CRM to the need of our small business. This platform is perfectly functional and integrates well with Sales date, Point of Sale software, and email to provide a 360-degree view of your current customer base. Our experience with FreeAgent has been nothing short of impressive.

    Alex Infinit Nutrition
  • The CRM is very nice. I love the fact that you get one on one training with the team and they listen to you so they can make all the modifications to the CRM. I have looked at so many CRMs to use with my Insurance Business (from home) and even though I am still in the process of customizing it I am very optimistic the final result will work well with my workflows. I like the interface, its very appealing visually speaking. Usability is very good. I like the fact that you can do so many integrations like Mail chimp and Zapier.

    Mireya Insurance Agent
  • Why am I extremely likely to recommend? The quick response to my doubts. The attention I received. The real solutions I got. The real follow up from FreeAgent. Excellent customer service.

    Roberto Management Consulting
  • Having all my contacts and clients in FreeAgent CRM allows me to quickly understand which client I need to contact and work with. It is also super easy to use.

    Brad, VP of Sales Electric Motors and Pump, LLC
  • The user interface is one of the best in the market. It is very easy to use and you get premium support for free to get you started. It was an easy choice because I'm a visual person and like when things are simple. Before FreeAgent, everything was taking too long, and I missed opportunities for follow-up and sales. This year, we’re going to be on it!

    Etta Founder, gNIS
  • All it took was 20 minutes for me to fall in love. It’s productive, collaborative, and very easy on the eyes.

    Ajay CEO, GroupClique
  • It has all the features that I have been looking for to help me grow my small business quickly!

    Jim Walker Owner, Insurance Agency
  • FreeAgent CRM is worth it. The product and the people behind it are great. Simplicity is the word I would use to describe it. It will get you started quickly and your team and performance will definitely improve.

    Jim CEO of JTEK Data Solutions
  • I actually felt more organized in 15 minutes - just by going through the very smart setup screens. You don’t need a bunch of training to use it. Put your contacts in and you will be productive almost immediately.I’m also impressed with the email capabilities, especially the open and click tracking analytics. It is easier than you think, and way easier than other CRM.

    Jeffrey CEO & Consultant, Message Mechanics
  • FreeAgent CRM is the simplest solution to use on the go or on the desktop. I recommend this solution to anyone. It’s super easy to customize. The support I received getting started - and afterward - made it way easier than I expected to switch from excel spreadsheets.

    Bonni Insurance Agent, Assure, LLC.
  • I picked FreeAgent CRM because it’s not complicated to use. It tracks everything I need including my emails, outbound calls, and meetings so I can keep my business on track.

    Judd Whiteman Chicago Title
  • We've been looking for a system that we can easily customize without spending more on consultants. It took us less than an hour to set things up and create custom fields. I love it!

    Kelly Shives TLC Benefits & Business Solutions Inc.
  • I have never had an experience like this before... they contacted me, and made follow up, answered all my questions, and even invited me to their offices. They have been great with customer support; it is almost 24/7. They are very nice and willing to help out, and hear your suggestions. Since I can customize it to my needs, it’s a perfect product. I recommend it 100%.

    Magdalena Allianz
  • What I love the most about this product is that it is customizable, so the program adapts to my needs instead of the other way around. It is super user friendly, and it has great customer support!! They even give you 1:1 training, and help you customize your profile, and they won’t leave you alone until you are happy with the end product.

    Magdalena Allianz

Are you our next small business success story?