FreeAgent CRM

The easiest, most automated CRM on the market

Manage contacts.. with fresh insight

Import contacts from anywhere: from your work email,  Google Android, Apple iCloud, and more.
Sync and share whichever contacts you want. FreeAgent will help you keep  them up-to-date automatically by detecting changes from your interactions.
FreeAgent enriches your Contacts too—by using Machine Learning  to compute how powerful your contacts really are.

Work your deals.. more efficiently

FreeAgent is a brand new and much better way to work your deals.  Log all your emails and phone calls automatically;
no more typing! Add Notes and Messages with a single click.  Negotiate meeting times with prospects and send invites in a snap.
Add and track Next Steps so your followup is flawless.  Collaborate across the deal team and keep everyone in the know.

Track pipeline.. across any dimension

Gain better insight on your pipeline than with any other CRM system.
Not only track by Sales Stage, but pivot to Forecast  Category, Deal Owner, and more.
And directly view your weighted pipe against your sales targets.

Stay up-to-date.. in real-time

Imagine having a CRM so smart it keeps track of all the changes  and remembers what you’ve seen and what you haven’t.

Visualize trends.. and get to the “why”

Create interactive reports to track outbound and inbound  activity, sales rep performance, and more.
Place reports on dashboards to survey your growth in a glance.
And click thru the report into the source data so no question goes unanswered.

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