Deal Management

The easiest way to manage your deals

Manage Deals visually

FreeAgent offers a user-friendly way to view and manage all your deals. With real-time filters, search, and an ability to save a view, it’s the simplest and most powerful deal management system on the market.

Customize to fit the way you sell

Add, remove, and modify sales stages at any time. Set sales targets to keep growth on track.

Capture every interaction

All other CRM systems force you to “log” activity you’ve already performed. Not FreeAgent. You simply sell the way you sell - on the phone, via email, and so on - and the system stays up-to-date automatically.

Track sales performance

Gain better insight on your pipeline than with any other CRM system. Not only track by Sales Stage, but pivot to Forecast Category, Deal Owner, and more. And directly view your weighted pipeline against your sales targets.