Email Management

No more wasted time logging emails

Use your favorite email

Connect with either your Office 365 account or Gmail. Use your account to login to FreeAgent & skip the sign-in!

Send and receive emails just like normal

No need to BCC a special email address to get emails logged in your CRM. FreeAgent CRM pulls in all your email interactions automatically and displays them in your activity timeline - right next to your call logs, next steps, and all other interactions. You can even add new contacts from a thread.

Use templates to speed your followup

FreeAgent CRM gives you the power to personalize your emails and tap into fields in FreeAgent CRM (including custom fields) to tailor each message with dynamic tags in our template builder.

FreeAgent does everything for you

All these interactions are logged automatically across Contacts, Deals, and Accounts. FreeAgent Contact boards helps Sales leaders ensure their teams are always following up on important leads.