Lead Management

Never lose another lead

Import leads from everywhere

Capture leads from any channel: website, landing pages, purchased lists (Zoominfo, Discover.org), Excel, and so on. Import basic contact information as well as social handles (LinkedIn, Facebook). Integrate lead capture to 100's of other sources using our Zapier integration.

Assign leads automatically

Dish leads out to an inside sales team without any effort. Auto-assign based on round robin, geography, lead source, and more.

Filter and segment leads to prioritize

Prioritize your outreach more effectively by easily segmenting leads based interactions, lead source, lead owner, lead status, industry, and more.

Send personalized and targeted communications

Personalized emails perform! Use FreeAgent to easily personalize your prospecting emails, targeting the right message to the right audience for great open- and click-rates.

Track lead engagement

Easily track outbound email and phone call interactions across all leads. Learn what messages work to improve conversions.

Automate lead conversion

Once you’ve engaged a lead in a conversation, FreeAgent will automatically convert the lead status so you’re conversion reporting is always correct. And when it’s time to create a deal we’ll carry over all your interactions into the deal automatically.