Electric Motors and Pump, LLC
Maintenance, Field Service
"Having all my contacts and clients in FreeAgent CRM allows me to quickly understand which client I need to contact and work with. It is also super easy to use"
- Brad Webb, VP of Sales
Coworking, Hospitality
"Switching from English to Spanish language is helpful for my staff. We're based in Mexico and we have Spanish and English users"
- Eduardo Cue, Co-Founder
Foundation Digital
Advertising, Media
"It's great to be able to send batch emails using rich custom templates. And being able to track metrics like open rate and clicks is wonderful. Very rare to see these marketing capabilities available in a sales platform"
- Loren Baker, Founder
Gnis, Llc
"The user interface is one of the best in the market. It is very easy to use and you get a premium support for free to get you started"
- Etta Wilson, CEO
"All it took was 20 minutes for me to fall in love. It’s productive, collaborative, and very easy on the eyes"
- Ajay Chawla, CEO
GTS Global Tracking System
GTS Global Tracking System
"FreeAgent CRM is able to migrate my history from another CRM system for free. They did the work for me. I can now use a system that actually works and the price is right"
- Alberto Javelly Gonzalez, Co-Founder
Human API
"We rely on FreeAgent to manage sales. It’s fresh, modern, and effective"
- Steph Wilson, Operations
Jim Walker Insurance
"It has all the features that I have been looking for to help me grow my small business fast"
- Jim Walker, Owner
Jones Search Group
Jones Search Group
"FreeAgent CRM built setup help right in. I chatted with a product specialist when I had questions, and was up and running 30 minutes after I signed up"
- Jonathan Jones, Owner
Jtek Data Solutions
Information Technology (IT)
"It's affordable and provides the perfect set of features my business needs"
- Jim Hathaway, Principal
Melek Global Solutions
Melek Global Solutions
Health Services
"I like that I can switch to the Spanish language, which makes it so much easier for me to get things done"
- Miguel Zulaica. Owner
Message Mechanics
Message Mechanics
Advertising, Media
"Having great marketing functionality like email analytics, without having to have a separate marketing automation system sealed the deal for me.”
- Jeffrey Pease, CMO
Peak 8 Solutions Inc
Peak 8 Solutions Inc
"My contacts were all over the place before I started using FreeAgent CRM. It was so easy to import my contacts from Excel, Gmail and other systems"
- Mark Folson, Owner
Pravada Floors
"We picked FreeAgent CRM because it is not complicated to use. Simplicity is the key for us. It tracks everything that we need including emails from Gmail and outbound calling to keep our relationship with prospects and clients over time"
- Ron Hovart, Sales Representative
Restaurant Success Center
Food / Beverage
"I like that I can pair my phone number in the system, easily click the button, and track all my calls. The system tracks all client interactions for me which is very helpful. Solved my problem"
- Celeste Young-Ramos, Owner
Revenate Marketing Llc
Advertising, Media
"It’s amazing. The email integration is the best I’ve ever used. Every sales team in the world should look at this"
- Karla Haley, Partner
"Running my business has never been easier after switching to FreeAgent CRM from using Excel to manage my contacts. Set-up took less than 20 minutes"
- Vince Rojas, Owner
Seamless Roofers
"We looked at EVERYTHING and were quickly losing hope. ProsperWorks and InfisionSoft couldn't give us what we needed. Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Zoho just flatout didn't work. If we did not find you guys, we would have just stayed in Excel"
- Tiffany Blagbrough, Secretary
TLC Benefits & Business Solutions Inc.
TLC Benefits & Business Solutions Inc.
"We've been looking for a system that we can easily customize without spending more on consultants. It took us less than an hour to set things up and create custom fields. I love it!"
- Kelly Shives, Owner
"FreeAgent CRM has helped us grow sales fast. It keeps my sales team productive, organized, and always moving forward"
- Deb Bardhan, CEO